High Mixed Grammar
1. How long _________________ in the United States?
are you been
have you been
have you come

2. I _____________ English in my country.
have not study
did not studied
did not study

3. Yesterday she ______________ to the store to buy groceries.
has gone
was go

4. Janet _____________ to get more sleep this week.
is trying
was tried

5. What kinds of books _____________ to read?
are you like
do you like
are you liking

6. When I ________ home from school in the afternoon, I often __________ a nap.
get, take
am getting, take
got, take

7. Sam and Dave _____________ at the auto shop since 1999.
has worked
have worked
have work

8. Jorge _____________ before he went to school.
has already eaten
had already eaten

9. _____________ some chocolate cake?
Would you like
Are you like
Does you like

10. My friends and I __________ to the beach when it started to rain.
have driven
were driving

11. I usually ___________ a glass of water with every meal.

12. Tom _____________ his new car very much.
is liking

13. When we ____________ to the park last Sunday, we _______ many other families.
go, see
went, were seeing
went, saw

14. You remember my cousin Joe, _________?
isn't he
don't you
aren't you

15. I didn't see _____________. __________ was there.
no one, anyone
anyone, no one
no one, no one

16. _______________ to school at PCC this term?
Are you going
Do you go
Do you going

17. The library is a very quiet and _________ place to study.

18. __________ car is over __________.
There, their
They're, there
Their, there

19. What ____________ when Maria ________ him?
was Jack doing, seen
Jack was doing, was seeing
was Jack doing, saw

20. This test is easy, __________?
isn't it
don't it
hasn't it

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