Computer Science (CS)

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Computer Science (CS)

PCC 2017-2018 Catalog: Computer Science

Computer Science First Term Advising Guide

Computer Science Transfer Degree

The Computer Science transfer degree consists of the lower-division coursework of a four-year Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science.

Portland Community College does not offer an Associate of Science degree in Computer Science.

Portland Community College has transfer guides with the Computer Science departments at the following Oregon Universities:

Oregon Technology

Oregon State University

Portland State University

University of Oregon

Transfer students are responsible for contacting their transfer school for up-to-date information on the program they will be articulating into. You are strongly advised to work with an advisor at your transfer school while you complete your lower-division coursework at PCC.

Portland State University (PSU) Transfer Students

Please note the following:

1) Transfer students are encouraged to apply for Fall Term admissions.

Please consult PSU's deadlines for upper-division admissions to PSU's computer science program

2) After you have applied for admission to PSU's computer science program, you will be required to take a proficiency exam. PSU offers this exam once a year in August to transfer students. To be eligible to take PSU's proficiency exam, you must have completed the following classes by the spring term before you intend to transfer:

    WR 121 - English Composition
    COMM 111 - Public Speaking
    CS 162 - Computer Science II
    CS 201 - Computer Systems
    CS 260 - Data Structures
    CS 261 - Programming Systems
    CS 250 - Data Structures I
    CS 251 - Data Structures II
    MTH 252 - Calculus II
    PHY 212 - Calculus-based Physics II

If you will NOT have completed the above classes by the end of a spring term, you can transfer to PSU early and complete PSU's CS 202 (programming systems) class in a Fall or Winter term.

PSU's CS 202 class is equivalent to PCC's CS 261 class, but PSU administers their proficiency exam as the final exam in their CS 202 class.

For more information, please contact the PSU undergraduate engineering and computer science advising department at 503 725-4731.

What major should I declare if I am pursuing a transfer degree in Computer Science?

Portland Community College does not offer an Associate's Degree in Computer Science. For that reason, you can not declare Computer Science as your major at PCC.

We recommend you declare the Associate of Science degree during your time at PCC.

New Students should refer to the First Term Advising Guide for Computer Science.

Who do I talk to if I have questions about this?

You can contact Michele Maxwell at

You can also contact the General Advising offices at any PCC Campus or Center - General Advisors primarily advise students on transfer degrees.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, please visit our FAQ Page.

To make an appointment with an advisor, please contact Michele Maxwell

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