PCC Admissions and Placement Testing

REAP paraeducators who are not already students at Portland Community College, must apply for admission. This involves two steps.

Step One: Admissions Fee

REAP will pay the $25 PCC admission fee. Paraeducators may either request the REAP Office to pay the fee or pay it themselves and send their receipt to the REAP Office for reimbursement.

Step Two: Placement Testing

REAP paraeducators must take the ASSET placement test in Reading, Writing, and Math or, if English is not their first language, the ENNL (or SLEP) placement test. These tests will determine appropriate placements in Reading, Writing, and Math courses, some of which are prerequisites for Education Department courses.

These tests are offered many times during the year at all PCC campuses. The schedule is available on the PCC Web site (www.pcc.edu).

• Click on “New Student Admission.”
• Then click on the button for “Admission for Credit Classes.”
• Go to Step 2 and click on “In person orientation and testing schedules” to find a convenient time and location.

Those without access to the internet may call the REAP Office. The REAP program assistant has access to testing schedules and/or the appropriate telephone numbers of the testing offices at all PCC campuses.

Mayumi Sato    503-533-2570    mmichael@pcc.edu

REAP paraeducators who were students at PCC in the past and have not completed Reading, Writing, and Math requirements should check with the REAP Program Assistant to find out whether their test scores have expired.

Those who are transferring credits from other colleges should check with a PCC Advisor to determine whether they need to take the placement test or they have already met requirements through equivalent coursework.

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